Voting is now open in the Fightclub Christmas Party challenge until Thursday 7th January. If you haven’t already, pop on over to the thread on ImagineFX.com and cast your votes.


XMAS CHALLENGE – Invitation to the Xmas Party

“We’re all due a well earned rest at Fightclub, so everyone’s invited to the Christmas Party. The PB’s have been busy decking the place out in the best Christmas spirit. So come on in grab a glass and a mince pie, and join in the Christmas Carols singalongs.”


This fight starts now, 2nd of December and ends on Thursday 31st December 2009 midnight UK time. Late entries will result in disqualifications. Voting will then be open for one week.


This is a free for all. ANYONE IN THE IFX FORUMS is welcome to ‘do battle’ using a character of their own original design, shown in conflict with one or more of the other contestants. To enter, post a good, clear image of your character in the FIP thread on IFX.com by Tuesday 17th December. The challenge will last one month. Votes are then cast by members of the IFX forums.

Christmas challenge vote

So what format do you want the Christmas challenge to take. We’ve only got a couple of days to decide so get your say now, don’t leave it too late.


Round 24 Winners: KUSUNOKI NORIKO

And at last, after a long voting session because of a tie, we have a winner. Ander’s Kusunoki Noriko has her first win in a new run of rounds. Her challenge will continue in the New Year after the Christmas challenge. Congrats to Anders.

Round 24: Kusunoki Noriko Vs. Demonessa

Round 24 sees too veterans of Fightclub duke it out, all be it with evolved versions of themselves. Should be another good one.

Solomon’s Demonessa is about six feet tall and her metallic skin is orange, hair is green, boots and forearms are dark red. Her eyes are bright yellow (including the third eye) She has wings that glow blue and are deployed only when she’s flying. She’s a fusion of machinery and demon. It’s been rumoured that she’s the daughter of the Devil!

Ander Soth’s Kusunoki Noriko is tall and slender, being a skilled acrobat and fighter. An expert with Eastern weaponry (and hair-pins) she makes a living as a bounty hunter, mercenary and assassin.

Voting is now open in the Finals thread. See how the fight progressed in the FIP thread.

Vengeance of the Fallen Winner

Seems that Sgt Pepper’s year long grudge with Tellhead was the most popular. Votes went like this: Starfox’s Pepper 6 votes, Anders Soth’s Carlos 2 votes, and Philby’s Leo 2 votes.  After all,  it was one of the oldest grudges around in FC, so it’s only fair. She gone off to wander the land now, who knows when she might turn up again!

Halloween Challenge – Vengeance of the Fallen

“The Fightclub is quiet tonight. The previous round has finished and all the contestants are taking a well earned rest. A blood red moon hangs in the sky above the arena spires, a chill wind howling between them.
Up on the hill, in the cemetery affectionately dubbed ‘Loserville’, Stan and ‘the Sarge’ have just finished burying the latest victim of the arenas brutal fights.
Dark clouds start to sweep overhead, and a storm starts to pick up. The two men try to hurry off to their truck as soon as they are done, just as a rumble of thunder rattles over the landscape.
There’s something almost supernatural about this storm, the clouds have an eerie green glow, sparking as the lightning starts up. A heavy acid rain starts to fall and flood over the cemetery, seeping down deep into the ground.
Instantly the forks of lightning start to hit the ground, more and more, striking the headstones of the fallen. Stan and Sarge don’t make it to their truck in time and the onslaught of lightning catches them, ending up lifeless, face down in the green mud.
And as suddenly as it starts, it stops. The storm passes over, and there is silence, leaving the ground with a throbbing green glow.
Then a quiet moan is heard, growing louder and louder. From one of the graves, a hand shoots upward from the dirt, followed by the decaying body of one of the Fightclub fallen. Others rise around him.
Soon a squad of undead zombies are moving fast down the hill towards the Fightclub Arena set on vengeance against their living opponents who sent them to this hell…”

halloween fightclub id 2

Pick one of your own characters, it must be one who has been defeated in Fightclub in the past, and redesign them as a zombie. Post a pic of your redesign here in the WIP thread first. You’re final will then be an image of your zombie character attacking, fighting, biting or beating, or even being beat by the opponent who put them in Loserville the first time round.

Deadline for final images and 2 WIP links is midnight Saturday 31st October UK TIME, at which point voting will be open for a week until midnight Saturday 7th November. Final images and WIP links must be posted before the deadline. Failure to comply may result in automatic disqualification.

  • Events Schedule

    (All times are UK time)

    ROUND 24
    Starts: Sunday 8th Nov
    Finals: Midnight Sun 22nd Nov
    Votes close: Midnight Tue 24th Nov

    Starts: Tues 1st Dec
    Finals: Thurs 31st Dec
    Votes Close: Thurs 7th Jan